I wish I had heard this seminar 10 years ago! The best thing is that it's never too late to start and, in reality, everything is really simple! I gained real formulas, strategies, many different examples in which I recognized myself and my everyday behaviour. The best thing is that all the things that are taught are valid and used daily, which leads to new situations, gaining experience and creating success stories! Every person in Latvia should hear "First Steps to Success", no matter which field they work in. The "First Steps" seminar must be included in school and college curriculi, so that young people are prepared to present themselves as professionals. Now I clearly see that a healthy family relationship, honest and outstanding work, a blooming enterprise, a balanced daily routine and fulfilled dreams are reality for everyone, you just have to take the FIRST STEPS! The changes in my life are priceless!
Aiga Leilande-Šlitere

Dani Johnson's seminar opened my eyes. It helped me realize the most important things in life and change in a positive way by changing my attitude towards things and people. I'd suggest my friends attend this seminar, since it definitely helps to bring order into your life and avoid a rut. A great opporutnity to find out how to improve relationships, escape debts, plan your time efficiently and simply become a person who can positively influence others' lives - all in one seminar.
Liene Krauze

I almost immediately switched to a reasonable saving mode and I even liked it! I managed without the usual borrowing from friends as soon as the first month! I got rid of the stereotypical delusion that I often deserve a treat. And it turned out to be a very liberating experience! I'm quite excited! I'm surprised that it's easier than it seemed! I'm reading Dani's book "Grooming the Next Generation for Success", I'm thrilled by the depth of the testimonials and apply the relationship advice in communicating with my five-year-old son.
Mārīte Jirgensone

Today, us Latvians need special wisdom on paying back debt, making money, spending and saving it! How to be creative and smart in solving difficult financial situations and be successful in every area of life! How to create a healthy family with love and respect toward each other, and how to raise children who will know how to live without being a slave to the system, but instead being free to dream and knowing how to fulfill their dreams! Dani Johnson shows a real way and real steps that everybody can apply and test in their lives - hundreds of thousands of people in the whole world claim it works!
Anete Kozlovska

She gives practical tips to use in business, family and the workplace. Simple, yet effective things that bring results. She makes us laugh about ourselves by showing how silly we sometimes are and how to fix that.
Māra Labunska

We have to learn from those who have already achieved something - that money needs to be multiplied, not spent.
Laine Ozoliņa

I'll be honest - comparing to other seminars, this one simply opened my eyes to the world and the people around me. The picture is the same, but the colors and feel is completely different. I think everyone really needs to hear this. It will help with relationships, prevent pointless spending in search of fulfillment.
Angelika Bondare

I was surprised that someone goes so deep into relationship nuances, has described and compiled them. Usually people just go with the flow having the same thoughts (that are described in the seminar), however, when they are pointed out at a seminar, you realize that those things really HAVE TO be thought about, otherwise the flow will take you someplace you don't want to go.
Andris Dekants

While listening to Dani at the seminar, I realized that a person can do and reach anything. Barriers that stop you from progressing are only in your head. Changes don't happen overnight, but, if you're committed, you can reach anything you wish, and Dani gives you the tools to help you do it. If you want to see this beautiful woman with passionate eyes, who is willing to help people, who uses her incredible talent to hold people's attention, if you want to meet lots of people and find out tons of important information and advice on change the things in your life you're not completely satisfied with - you must go to the seminar.
Asta Savickiene

Many of the things Dani talks about seem self-explanatory, but you have to think how many of them we actually use and apply at home, at work or in relationships with people. I really like that Dani speaks her mind. She says exactly what you need to hear and what you need to do. The seminar (especially what I heard in the testimonials) made me realize that I need to approach all these things seriously, because why should I continue down the same road if it's possible to do to much more and better?
Lija Augstroze

Honestly speaking, I was quite sceptical before (I can't be the first one), but, after doing research on Dani as a person, as well as her businesses, I didn't find anything suspicious. Two things that convinced me were: a) Dani gives practical tips on how to apply the advice, even after emotional excitement; b) in my opinion, Dani truly gives advice and doesn't keep things secret, and her motivation seems sincere and noble. That is the same thing that motivates me not to keep these things to myself and elevate my motivation to dream big.
Andars Ignacs

I'd recommend Dani's seminar to those who are willing to change their habits in order to achieve something more in life and use resources as fully as possible. Those who wish to get to know and discover themselves, train the salesperson in themselves and improve family relationships.
Inga Vasermane

What you hear in the seminar cannot leave you indifferent, it challenges you to change the way you think and lead a more efficient life.
Nora Gustovska

After attending ordinary motivational seminars, you feel enthusiastic up until the point you realize that you lack the knowledge to achieve the desired. Dani answers the "how" and gives a full set of tools to those who truly wish to rebuild their lives.
Liene Cera

After the seminar, I've gained freedom in my relationships. It's now much easier to understand people and work with them. I've learned what WORK and discipline really mean when you're reaching for your goals. I've learned to work and communicate with clients at work much better. I've gained very good and valuable advice on parenting. After the seminar, I started paying more attention to my finances, I started to use my time and talents in more valuable ways. I've learned to respect my employers and authorities. I definitely recommend attending this seminar, because it will definitely encourage you to go for more in life! At the seminar, you'll get practical advice for changing your everyday and lifestyle in order to achieve positive results at work, in your church, in your family and your relationships.
Antra Bermaka

While listening to the live seminar, I paid more attention to things I thought would help me working at a pharmacy, communicating with customers and co-workers. It's very important to understand people and the human nature, because you can only get the best results by excellent communication. I've stopped trying to change people, I try to accept their flaws and appreciate what's good about them, work with them and find the golden mean of communication. Now I am the assistant head of the pharmacy, I think that part of what I've heard at this seminar has helped me get promoted.
Diana Kasjko

Dani teaches to be financially independent, stay respectful towards each other, which we tend to forget in our daily activities. It's time to think about the future we each want to live to see!
Dace Krauze-Veinberga

I will definitely recommend this seminar to everyone I know in order to improve their lives. It improves marriages, relationships with children and definitely improves the financial status.
Baiba Tolkačeva

It doesn't matter where we come from or what our childhood was like, what people have told us or who we work as, those are all just excuses we give ourselves that stop us from achieving our goals. Prosperity has no parameters - everybody needs to live in it, and the seminar will definitely help you move toward it if only you take it in. The only condition on the road to prosperity is the willingness to experience it. The greatest value of the seminar is that I realized I can do it and that there's someone who will tell me exactly how to.
Madara Meiere

The seminars change your outlook on money and its meaning. The fact that I can communicate with people, find out things about them and understand them.
Ilona Āboliņa

I'd suggest everyone to attend the seminars because they reveal each person's values and show the direction to bring order into one's life, finances, relationships and time management. Discover that everyone has unnecessary expenses and they can be used more efficiently. Each seminar has about 80% new information.
Agnis Bušs

I'd recommend people to attend such seminars to open their eyes, because we live in a sort of soap bubble, a dream defined by others, which is wrong. Also to understand and improve yourself, because anything is possible if you aim for perfection.
Madara Buša

I'd recommend people to attend the seminars in order to avoid becoming voluntary slaves to money. You need to learn people skills - that would help to change society, as well as reveal true values that are worth keeping, and the ones you should let go of.
Normunds Āboliņš