Terms and Conditions

I. General Conditions

  1. The Desol Training Online Store (hereinafter referred to as the "Store") Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Conditions") apply to Customers who place orders at the Desol Training Store;
  2. Desol Training is entitled to change the Store Conditions. The Conditions that are in effect at the time of placing the order (indicated on the order) are set out for Customers who shop in the Store;
  3. Customers may not order from Desol Training if they are not familiar with the Conditions of the Store. In any case, it is considered that Customers are familiar with and agree with the Conditions if they confirm their acceptance of the Conditions before ordering products by clicking on the "I AGREE" option. If the Client fully or partially agrees to all or some of the Conditions or completely disagrees, the Client cannot electronically order from Desol Training - otherwise, it shall be considered that the Client is familiar with all the Conditions of the Store and grants unconditional consent;
  4. Desol Training is exempted from any liability for damages arising from the failure of Customers to familiarize themselves with the Store Conditions, regardless of the granted recommendations and their responsibilities, although they had such an opportunity.

II. Privacy Disclaimer

  1. If the Customer wishes to receive Desol Training newsletters, he or she may choose to receive such notifications;
  2. When ordering products, the following Customer's personal data necessary for the delivery of the product shall be provided: name, surname, product delivery address, telephone number andinformation required for delivery. Desol Training confirms that this data will be used solely for the purpose of ordering and delivering products. Desol Training undertakes not to disclose this information to third parties other than Desol Training partners, which provide product-related and other services for the submission or execution of Customer's orders. Any other exceptions in relation to the disclosure of personal information of the Client to third parties in any event shall be agreed on with the Clients. In all other cases, any personal data of the Client may be disclosed to third parties only if this is determined by the relevant legal acts of the Republic of Latvia;
  3. By registering at Desol Training and ordering products, the Client undertakes to store his or her login information and not to divulge it to anyone. If the Client discloses his or her login information to any other person, Desol Training is relieved of any liability in connection with the aforementioned;

III. Order procedure and conditions

  1. Customers who visit the Store's website choose the products they prefer. Shopping carts are filled according to their choice;
  2. After filling the shopping carts, the Customers enter the following information for the delivery of the selected products: name, surname, product delivery address, telephone number and additional information that might be important for the delivery of the ordered products. Desol Training confirms that the data provided by the Customers shall be used solely for the purpose of selling and delivering products without affecting the personal data protection requirements set forth in the relevant legal acts of the Republic of Latvia;
  3. The Customers then select one of the payment options available in the Desol Training Store (see Section IV of the Conditions for more information).;
  4. All data provided by the Customer is shown in the last window. Before confirming the data, Customers verify that the data is correct and to their satisfaction. Customers can correct the erroneous data before the order is sent to Desol Training. Customers cannot approve an order until they have indicated that they are familiar and agree with the Desol Training Terms and Conditions. If the Customer has not familiarized himself with the Conditions of the Store before choosing the products, he or she shall familiarize with them before the confirmation of the order and of the data specified therein;
  5. As soon as the Customer approves the order, it shall be sent to Desol Training. The order is considered to have been submitted from the moment Desol Training receives it. At the same time, it is considered an agreement between the Customer and Desol Training. However, this Agreement is considered to be valid only from the moment Desol Training has received confirmation from the bank specified by the Customer for the payment of the selected goods (when the payment has been made through an online banking transaction). If the payment is made by bank transfer, the agreement is considered valid as soon as the payment of the Customer is received. If the payment is made in cash at the time of delivery or with a payment card at the shipment terminal, the Agreement is deemed valid from the moment when the Customer approves the order at the Desol Training store.
  6. After the Customer has executed the order, Desol Training shall automatically send an e-mail to the Customer indicating the ordered product and the data specified by the Customer;
  7. After Desol Training receives a notification from the bank that the Customer has submitted a payment order for the purchase of products from the Store, a notification shall be sent to the Customer to the indicated e-mail address. The execution of the conducted Agreement between the Customer and Desol Training shall be considered initiated upon receiving a notification from the bank;
  8. The order of the Customer shall be stored in the Desol Training database in accordance with the provisions for the storage of such data, as laid down by the legal acts in force in the Republic of Latvia;
  9. In any event, upon placing an order, it shall be considered that the Customer is familiar with all the Conditions of the Store, as well as with the other terms specified in the order, and gives unconditional consent to the aforementioned.
  10. The Agreement is drawn up and implemented in the official language of the according country.

IV. Warranty and product prices

  1. Properties of each product are listed next to each according product in the Store;
  2. Desol Training claims and the Customer confirms that the Customer is aware that the colour, form or other parameters offered in the Shop may not correspond to the true size, form or colour due to the specific characteristics of the monitor used.
  3. By placing the order electronically, the Customer agrees that he or she undertakes to pay the price specified in the order;
  4. Goods in Store and on order are indicated in the official currency of the respective country including VAT.
  5. Desol Training sells products that comply with the terms specified in the order. If the products delivered to the Customer do not comply with certain terms specified in the order, the Client undertakes to immediately inform Desol Training by telephone, while Desol Training undertakes to immediately remedy the defects if they are caused by Desol Training or third parties operating on behalf of it. If Desol Training does not eliminate defects in the relevant period agreed with the Customer, the Customer is entitled to defend his rights in accordance with the procedure specified in the Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia;
  6. Desol Training responsibilities relating to products:
  7. Desol Training undertakes to deliver products that are of adequate quality and comply with the requirements specified in the order;
  8. Desol Training undertakes to transfer the quantity of products specified in the order to the Customer. Desol Training shall not bear responsibility in cases where the quantity of the transferred products is inappropriate due to the fact that the Customer has provided inaccurate data on the order submitted to Desol Training;
  9. Desol Training in any case provides the Customer with a range of products that meet the criteria specified in the order;
  10. If there is a certain quantity of units specified in an order, Desol Training undertakes to provide all specified units within the set;
  11. Products are delivered in packaging, taking into account their characteristics, in order to ensure that the products are suitable for their intended use.

V. Terms and Conditions of Payment

  1. The Customer shall pay the Desol Training store for an order using one of the following options: bank transfer, online bank transaction, credit card or cash;
  2. Upon choosing one of the online payment methods, the Customer shall pay for the goods immediately. If cash payment at the time of delivery is chosen, the Customer shall make a payment upon delivery. In other cases, the Customer is not entitled to lodge an action for breach of Agreement terms, since the shipment is made only after Desol Training has received payment for the goods.

VI. Return shipping

  1. The Customer may use this right within 14 days after receiving the goods. This right is applicable if the Customer is not satisfied with the technical condition of the product.
  2. Items shall not be accepted back if: they were damaged; they did not retain the product's usage properties;
  3. By agreement with the Store, the Customer may return or exchange goods such as printed books, photo prints and other products of the printing industry.
  4. Printed books, photo prints and other printing industry products;
  5. Products are exchanged or returned after the Customer has sent an e-mail to info@desoltraining.lv indicating the products to be exchanged or returned, and the reasons therefor;
  6. In cases where Desol Training does not have goods for return, the amount paid, including delivery costs, shall be returned to the Customer. Desol Training does not refund to the Customer the additional costs incurred by choosing a cheaper delivery method than methods offered by Desol Training.
  7. Goods may be exchanged or returned only if they meet the requirements referred to in Article 3 of these Conditions. The amount of money paid for the goods is refunded not later  than 14 days after the receipt of an e-mail about the returning of goods.
  8. In the case of special offers or sales, special terms apply to the goods, and the Customer, upon becoming acquainted with these Conditions, agrees to these special terms for the return of goods.
  9. Unilaterally terminate the Agreement and request the return of the amount paid for the product.

VII. Product delivery

  1. Desol Training undertakes to deliver the goods within 5 working days after sending the confirmation of the order to the Customer. The term does not apply to cases where Desol Training does not have the required goods in stock and the Customer is aware of the lack of ordered goods. At the same time, the Customer agrees that in exceptional cases delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, Desol Training shall promptly contact the Customer and agree on delivery issues and their resolution. Delivery of goods is carried out to all regions of Latvia.
  2. Desol Training shall do everything in its power to comply with the specified delivery terms, but nonetheless, delays in the delivery of the Product are possible due to reasons beyond the control of Desol Training.
  3. The Customer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that the Customer cannot accept the goods himself but the goods are delivered to the indicated address, based on the information provided by the Customer, the Customer is not entitled to raise any claims of unsatisfactory delivery of the goods against Desol Training.
  4. The goods ordered from the Desol Training Online Store are delivered by Latvijas Pasts. Goods shall be delivered at the time agreed with the Customer.
  5. If the Customer has not accepted the goods three times, they shall be returned to Desol Training, and the Customer is not entitled to submit any claims regarding non-delivery of the products on time. In addition, Desol Training shall be in any case exempted from liability for violating the delivery terms if the goods are not delivered or are delivered at an inappropriate time due to the fault of the Customer or circumstances that are controlled by the Customer.
  6. The Customer shall immediately inform Desol Training by e-mail if: (a) the order is not delivered within the specified time interval or if delivery is delayed for more than 3 business days; (b) In any case, Desol Training must be promptly notified if the order is shipped in a damaged, crumpled or otherwise damaged package, and if the order contains products that were not ordered or of wrong quantity, the product package is incomplete, the size of the products or the dimensions are not adequate;
  7. If the package is crumpled, wet or otherwise damaged, the Customer can inform us about it after receipt of the goods by e-mail: info@desoltraining.lv;

VIII. Miscellaneous Conditions

  1. All messages sent to Desol Training are sent to the Customer Service by e-mail (see "Contact Us" for information).
  2. The Agreement between the Customer and Desol Training shall be concluded in the official language of the respective country.