Seminar Attendee

I _____________________, understand and agree to the following;

That this seminar is an open seminar and that there are other people here this weekend like myself from their respective companies that have made a considerable investment in attending this seminar and developing their businesses.

I understand and agree that I will honor and respect others in attendance at this event the entire weekend and I WILL NOT represent myself, my company, my business or in an unethicalmanner. I understand that while I am encouraged to make new contacts and friends this weekend, that this event is NOT a recruiting forum or opportunity to solicit others about my products, business or opportunity.

I understand that I am responsible for my own actions and that if I am found dishonoring others or their businesses here this weekend, I will immediately be asked to leave the seminar without refund and I will not be allowed to attend ANY future Dani Johnson seminars.

Name: _______________________________________________

Signed: _____________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

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